Amazing Spider-Man Battleship The Dictator Movie Apps

Coming Attractions: 2012’s Summer Movie Apps

Besides trailers, the other marketing tools for the movie industry are their mobile apps. Before The Dictator and Battleship hit theaters this week, get familiar with four summer blockbuster apps. Good luck silencing your phone when the lights go down.

Amazing Spider-Man Battleship The Dictator Movie Apps

2012 is shaping up to be the biggest year for summer movie blockbusters in recent memory. The same is also true for the marketing aspect of these movies. The days of McDonald’s and video game tie-ins are a thing of the past. Now the studios are aiming at audiences with brand new interactive apps either to slowly unveil the movies or to appeal to our nostalgia.


The upcoming fish out of water comedy from Borat star Sasha Baron Cohen has already gained high interest from just only one scene from the first trailer in which his character General Aladeen, caps his opponents on his own Olympic race track. Expanding on this particular scene, Wadiyan Games takes the formula of the classic arcade game Track & Field and puts you in the shoes of the General himself as he competes in running, swimming, fencing, and boxing. Each one more over the top than the other. Wadiyan Games is only available for the iOS and can be downloaded at the iTunes App Store.


If you thought the Bad Robot Action Movie FX app brought the magic of the movies to your iPhone, this brand new Augmented Reality app for the upcoming Spider-Man reboot takes the whole point, shoot, and upload method to another level. Just by pointing and shooting on the iPhone, you can make a pre-animated 3D Spidey do just about anything from crawling to swinging on the screen to taking down a random thug. The only drawback is that you can only shoot on specially marked Spider-Man movie related images that must be scanned to make the app function. These images can be found on the movie’s official website and all official pages on social network sites. The Augmented Reality app is available at the iTunes App Store and Google Play.


From the looks of the trailer, the world of the MIB and the addictive gameplay of The Sims have come together for what looks like a grand scale video game designed to fit your phone. Based on the sequel’s premise, you take on the role of a nameless MIB agent who travels back to the 1960s to hunt down extra-terrestrials posing as humans while also having to neuralize pedestrians in the process. With overview-style gameplay, your character gets armed with all the crazy weaponry you’ve seen in the movies as well as getting to interact with trademark characters including Agents K and J. The Men in Black 3 mobile game will be released on May 25 for the Android and iOS.


The classic Milton Bradley board game with those famous commercials with the immortal catchphrase “You sunk my battleship” has now turned into a Transformers-meets-Independence Day sci-fi action blockbuster. Now the experience of the classic game has been injected with the Atari Space Invaders gameplay as you control a battleship of your own in guessing the radar coordinates of the alien warships. Like the original game, you cannot see your enemy. So you have to launch missiles to destroy them before they locate you. It has a simple but engaging radar interface like a real battleship that puts you right into the action. Battleship: Alien Invaders is available exclusively for the iOS.

Amazing Spider-Man Battleship The Dictator Movie Apps

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