Comic Writer Alan Moore Releases Occupy Movement Benefit Song

Alan Moore Occupy song

The Occupy Movement appropriated his “V For Vendetta” character’s Guy Fawkes mask and now Alan Moore– an Occupy supporter, legendary writer (“Watchmen,” “Batman: The Killing Joke”) and magician (no, really) –has released a benefit song for the movement.

The song was released today Nov. 5 on Occupy’s Occupation Records Web site, on the 407th anniversary of the real Guy Fawkes attempt to blow up England’s Parliament building in 1605 in an incident known as “The Gunpowder Plot.”

Moore’s song, entitled “The Decline of English Murder,” takes aim at corporate greed,  unscrupulous bankers and an inept and complicit government. Moore’s vocals are accompanied by Joe Brown’s music and the song is the first single to be released from Occupation Records’ upcoming second compilation album.

If you buy the digital single from Occupation Record’s site today you’ll get the chance to win a Guy Fawkes “V for Vendetta mask” signed by Moore himself.

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