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Bun B's Rap Coloring and Activity Book is gangsta!

Shea Serrano Bun B Rap Coloring And Activity Book Ice Cube Illustration Ad Libs Rap Libs

Rap legend Bun B and award-winning music critic Shea Serrano have joined forces to create “Bun B’s Rap Coloring and Activity Book” (which drops this fall on Abrams books). Shea is the drawer of pictures, and they are pretty nifty. It all started out with a Tumblr page that dropped about a year ago. Here’s what Shea has to say about it:

Bun B and I had talked previously about working on a book together. We were actually sort of just lolly gagging along with an idea for a different project, trying to figure out exactly what we wanted it to be. I was thinking about possible art for that book when I had the idea for the rap coloring book. I got SUPER excited about it and sent Bun a text message with a quick synopsis. He was all for it.

The thing that I think maybe a lot of people don’t know about Bun, and it’s probably on account of UGK’s music being so trenchant and expository, is that

he’s a really, very funny guy. So I guess he saw the potential in it and in the ideas I was sending him for it.

I’ve always known how to draw, so I just downloaded this program that lets you draw on your computer and taught myself how to use it. After a couple days of practice, I registered the Tumblr. It took off pretty quick. We received a lot of great press from what I would consider to be important places. More importantly though, or maybe because of, we started garnering support from the rappers we were featuring. I remember Danny Brown using the picture we had of him as his avatar on Twitter. It was very cool.

If I’m remembering correctly, we started the site in October; by the end of November, Abrams had contacted me. Malibooyah. Here we are.

Shea Serrano Bun B Rap Coloring And Activity Book Lil B Illustration Based

Shea Serrano Bun B Rap Coloring And Activity Book Gunplay Illustration

Shea Serrano Bun B Rap Coloring And Activity Book MF Doom Mask Connect The Dots

Be sure to also check out our exclusive interview with Shea Serrano about the making of the book and much more right here.

This story appears in Mass Appeal Issue 52. Read more stories from the issue here.

Shea Serrano Bun B Coloring Book Lil B Based God Illustration

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