• Cogoo Bicycles Are The Next Wheels of Steel


Cogoo Bicycles Are The Next Wheels of Steel


The recording studio is all around us. It’s in your crib by way of Pro Tools; it’s in your pocket (chill). Two years ago, Nike even experimented with what they called the music shoe, where you could make beats with every step you take, but not every breath you make. The latest gadget about to sting the music production game is COGOO, a hardware kit that hooks up to your bike, turning it into a moving turntable, peddling out sounds as you move. If you told us this was possible 10 years ago, we would have traded in our cuban links and started rocking the greased up bike chains around our necks. So far the brainchild of DJ Baku and BMX-er Kotaro is just in concept mode in Japan. What’s next? Pogo sticks? Watch the making of the COGOO bike below.