CMJ 2013 Preview: Saul Williams

Check out legendary spoken word poet and musician Saul Williams at CMJ!

We don’t know about you guys, but Mass Appeal loves a good marathon. No, we’re not talking 5k races, we’re talking CMJ. Feeling overwhelmed by all the musical acts next week? Look no further, we’re hitting you with all the essentials and a who’s who on the budding talent appearing live next week. Check out our guide to acts we’re excited to see rock the stage at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon. From pioneers of spoken word, to future R&B superstars and everything in between, Mass Appeal’s got all your CMJ needs covered.

Saul Williams CMJ : Stars and Hype

Artist: Saul Williams

The Hype: After starring in the lead role for the 1998 film SLAM, Williams then went on to release music. He worked with Rick Rubin for his solo debut album, Amethyst Rock Star, then released more music, putting out the albums Not in my name, Saul Williams, and The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust!

Why You Should Check Him Out: Though his been on the scene, he’s re-emerging introducing his art to a new audience. The poet, singer, musician, and actor combines his talents, creating a special strand of hip hop and spoken word, using vivid detail and emotional delivery over genre blending instrumentation. Williams voice fills a room and his music is the decor for your ears to lay on and listen to.

His Hardest Bars:

I am that timeless nigga that swings on pendelums like vines
Through mines of boobytrapped minds that are enslaved by time
I am the life that supersedes lifetimes, I am
It was me with serpentine hair and a timeless stare
That with immortal glare turned mortal fear into stone time capsules
They still exist as the walking dead, as I do
The original sulphurhead, symbol of life and matriarchy
Severed head Medusa, I am
I am that nigga
I am that nigga!
I am that nigga!!

File Next To: Kenna, Public Enemy, Yeezus-era Kanye, and KRS-One

CMJ Schedule:  Catch Saul Williams & The Dragons of Zynth at Santos Party House on Saturday October 19, 2013 12:15am – 1:15am

Dope ass artwork by Mike Lukowski!

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