CMJ Preview Bishop Nehru Mike Lukowski

CMJ 2013 Preview: Bishop Nehru

There's a reason why this young cat is garnering attention and working with cats like DOOM.

We don’t know about you guys, but here at Mass Appeal we love a good marathon. No, we’re not talking 5k races, or endless hours spent on your couch chin deep in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked adrift in the wormhole that is Netflix. C’mon fam, we’re talking CMJ! Look no further, we’re hitting you with all the essentials and a who’s who on the budding talent appearing live next week. Check out Mass Appeal’s guide to acts we’re excited to see rock the stage at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon. From pioneers of spoken word, to future R&B superstars and everything in between, Mass Appeal’s got all your needs covered.

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Artist: Bishop Nehru

The Hype: Bishop Nehru, the 16-year-old phenom has the game buzzing with the release of his Nehruvia and strictlyFLOWz mixtapes that dropped this year. True-school heads are investing their hopes into Nehru to bring that raw boom bap rap sound from way back into prominence. His nostalgic golden-era flows and delivery takes listeners on a journey to a time when hip hop wasn’t ca$hing out on gimmick heavy and twerk-friendly club bangers.

This adolescent spitter’s hype doesn’t lack merit. Bishop recently opened up for the Wu-Tang Clan in select venues across Europe as part of their 20th Anniversary Tour in the spring. His strictlyFLOWz mixtape was presented in part by Hot 97’s Peter (Grandpa) Rosenberg, and to top it off the young blood was recently tapped by none other than the enigmatic MF DOOM for a future collaborative project. Not too shabby for a kid who has yet to receive his high school diploma.

Check Him Out Because: The kid is a no frills emcee whose flows are the focal point of his performance. Don’t you miss hip hop shows where you could simply post up, light something and channel your inner bobble head? Not to mention he’s performing at Mass Appeal’s CMJ Showcase, duh!

Essential Jams:
“Light Leak$”

“Mobb Dizzle”


Hardest Bars:
“I be teaching niggas lessons, they be investing in protection, trying to get weapons so they can leave a young nigga Annotate breathless/Eat em up for breakfast, people be talking reckless when they see I’m 15 and I’m on there daughters set list, bet this” (“Light Leak$”)

A bitch ain’t just a prize and did I mention, when I’m sentencing, people listening/
Because my songs go harder than crack interventions” (“Elder Blossoms”)

File Next To: MF DOOM, Joey Bada$$, Native Tongues

CMJ Schedule:
Wed, Oct 16th Mass Appeal and Grooveshark CMJ Takeover @ Webster Hall TICKETS

@_YOADRIAN encourages you to shout his name like Rocky. 

HUGE shout out to Mike Lukowski for the illest illuSLAYtions around!

CMJ Preview Bishop Nehru Mike Lukowski

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