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Club Cheval “Bromance#3″ Video is Beastin’

Club Cheval “Bromance#3″ Video is Beastin’

Acclaimed electronic club producer Brodinski, head of the new digital label Bromance, premiered Bromance#3 earlier this week featuring the world premiere single by Club Cheval, titled “Now U Realize.” Club Cheval, the French DJ crew comprised of Sam Tiba, Myd, Panteros666 and Canblaster, comes together to create a well-produced, very heavy sounding house track dominated by a catchy vocal sample and lead pattern. Those who got a taste of what all four members jointly sound like with Panteros666’s 2010 release “Horreo” will not be disappointing with this single for Bromance. Everything about “Now U Realize,” from the chords and sub-bass to the build ups, can only be described as major.

This new release is capped off by a track produced by Brodinski himself titled “Nobody Rules The Streets” featuring NYC Born, LA based artist Louisahhh!!!. The forward moving 4/4 house track, with a pleasantly unexpected half-timed club-hop rhythm in its breakdown, brings this club EP full circle. Bromance#3 definitely leave fans of house music looking for more from the likes of Club Cheval, Brodinski and Bromance.

Club Cheval French DJ Crew


Cover Artwork by Viktor Hachmang

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