clipping. “Story 2” Video

Fire and brimstone.

For the official “Story 2” video, off their Sub Pop Records debut CLPPNG, the experimental rap group clipping. chose to go for a visual narrative as fucked up as the one told in the song. A man down on his luck heads back home after a long night working at a bar. Deja-vu is triggered by seeing a car he recognizes. Fearing for the safety of his daughter after being unable to reach the babysitter by telephone, he starts to run, arriving at his home only to find it ablaze. There is talk of explosions, screams, and other unpleasant images, which pushes him to let himself die. However, he is prevented from going any further by onlookers.

The video is visually interesting, as it follow’s the protagonist’s feet and legs the whole time, sometimes shifting slightly higher, but his face is never show. The rhythm of the video intensifies as the song speeds up, and the combination of sights and sound makes you feel the character’s rising panic. The video ends in an epileptic montage that does not bode well for any kind of non-horrifying resolution.

Watch it the player above if you’re ready for a fucked up video for a fucked up song about a fucked up story.


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