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Claw Money Spring/Summer 2013 Pop-Up Shop at Community 54

Claw Money Spring/Summer 2013 Pop-Up Shop at Community 54


Lower East Side shop Community 54 played host to a pop-up shop and launch party for the graffiti writer turned fashion designer Claw Money’s latest collection. The Spring/Summer 2013 line features her signature Claw paw with the words “Fuck Art/Lets Fuck”, the phrase “Designer Drugs” in the style of a ransom note, and even a jab at Curtis Kulig with her “Hate Me” tee in his signature style.

Accessories included sunglasses, keychains, and wooden iPhone cases (a collaboration with Good Wood.) The bombed backyard of the LES store was filled with friends and fans who came out to support the independent designer. Scroll down to check out photos from the event.

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