CIVILIZE AN 85ER: Music Documentaries You Should Know

Be more than a passive listener by doing your homework on Fugazi's Instrument, directed by Jem Cohen.

If you don’t know Fugazi then you are fugazi. From Teen Idles to Minor Threat to Embrace to Fugazi, Ian MacKaye, has been a catalyst for radical sounds since the late 1970s. This link will hip you to the entire film. This ain’t no music video, so if your A.D.D is for real then this ain’t for you. There’s really not much more for me to say here. Get civilized. Get educated. Don’t be like 85 percent of the population—lost in a blue sea of nothingness. Music is a narcotic. It can stimulate you and it can heal you. Music can help you to be interesting. Stop being boring.

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