Is This the First Christopher Dorner Tribute Tattoo?

L.A. artist Mr. Trigz of Sin City Tattoo and Body Piercing does the first Christopher Dorner tattoo.

As the saga of ex-cop turned alleged cop killer, Chris Dorner unfolds in Angelus Oaks, California, some people have found Dorner guilty in the court of public opinion while some have elevated him to hero (and possibly martyr status).

While it’s still unclear whether Dorner has survived the stand-off with authorities at the cabin he was holed up in, he has already been immortalized in tattoo ink. Tattoo artist Mr. Trigz of Sin City Tattoo and Body Piercing in Pacoima, California posted these photos of a Christopher Dorner tattoo he did today based on a photo of Dorner. Check out the photos of the Christopher Dorner tattoo below.


christopher dorner tattoo by Mr. Trigz of Sin City Tattoo

Mr. Trigz of Sin City Tattoo fills in his christopher dorner tattoo

christopher dorner tattoo picture completed


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  • how dumb

  • Believe in yourself

    Fucking Awesome!!!!!

  • Steve

    Anyone wearing a picture of an asshole is an asshole.

  • Timthetoolmn

    StupidAss White “BOY”……Most likely a Libaturd

    Anybody got a line on how many times he get his ass knocked the F**K Out the rest of his life cuz of his alignment with a family killer.

  • Timthetoolmn

    yup…pretty much

  • Noozeyeguy

    Needs to look crispier, and needs a hole in the head.

  • Timthetoolmn

    It’s not the bullet that kills ya……..It’s the Hole!


    That man is a hero!! he should have killed the 5 corrupt cops that got fired from the LAPD and the 5 corrupt cops in Frisco or even the 6 cops in Monterey who were stealing the cars from the poor. All of which abused their authority for their own person benefit. RIP CHRIS