Christie’s Jean-Michel Basquiat Online Video Series

Christie's Auction House explores the life Jean-Michel Basquiat via an online video series that features interviews with graffiti writer Al Diaz, artist Toxic and musician Macklemore.


World-famous auction house Christie’s presents an online video series about the intimate life and legacy of renowned New York City artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. The three-part project is divided into “The Beginning” which features an interview with personal friend (and other half of “SAMO”) Al Diaz, “The Artist” which features mentee and fellow artist Toxic, and lastly “The Legacy” featuring current popular music sensation Macklemore.

Each person talks about their respective connection to Basquiat, be it personal and first-hand or, as in Macklemore’s case, through historical account and inspiration. A very interesting watch that spans the scope of both the positive and negative sides of passion, infamy and individuality as it relates to art, music and creativity.


Watch Part 2: The Artist (Featuring Toxic) 

Watch Part 3: The Legacy (Featuring Macklemore)

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