Chris Brown Gets Art Smart Through Ron English Toys

Chris Brown wipes the slate clean of his suspect taste in art by teaming up with street artist, Ron English.

Chris Brown Ron English Dum English Toys

Chris Brown is doing his damnedest to buff our memory of his past with a new collaboration with artist Ron English. It’s impossible for him to erase the eyesore that was his album cover and title, Graffiti, amongst the many other low points of his career. Brown’s first steps were true to the art form when he tapped Snow—of Fx crew from the Bronx—to design the lettering on his debut album’s packaging. Having also worked with Australia’s Kid Zoom, and now another respected artist like Ron English, he’s showing better taste, for now.

The new project with English is a limited edition set of toys called Dum English. Each toy is 10” star-eyed skull man in space suits. Announcing the new line, Brown stated, “Ron has to be the most creative, out-there artist. His work is so precise but at the same time so unorthodox.” This venture is a direct collaboration with Brown’s MechanicalDummy blog that features street art. May 2nd an exhibition at the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles will showcase the toys. Each edition will be sold for $140 with proceeds going to Chris Brown’s foundation, Symphonic Love.

Chris Brown Ron English Dum English Toys

Chris Brown Ron English Dum English Toys

Chris Brown Ron English Dum English Toys

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