Chis Brown Graff

Chris Brown Thinks He’s a Graffiti Writer: FOH

Dear Chris Brown, You’re not a graffiti writer. You ain’t a graffiti artist. Stop fronting.

Dear Chris Brown,

You’re not a graffiti writer. You ain’t a graffiti artist. Stop fronting. You should never ever put the word “graffiti” in your mouth. Matter of fact, you need to go get some Listerine right now and gargle and gargle and gargle. This culture is old and you are a new jack swinger who’s vine might get snipped if you walk the streets talking about “I’m a graffiti artist.” Even if it wasn’t you who dubbed yourself a “graffiti artist”, you need to publically own up to the fact that you never were and never will be. Be a man and tell your friends and enemies in the media to get it right.

Chris Brown Graffiti black and white
The skull actually looks like Breezy.

I see you painted a donkey. I’m not surprised that you can so effortlessly paint an ass.  Mirrors can help us to see the world differently sometimes. We are what we reflect. Sometimes, mirrors can do the mind and body good.

I can admit that you seemingly have a decent amount of can control, and that certainly has value. It gives you the ability to paint something that, from the outside, looks somewhat legit. Hey, you’re an artist—I’d never take that away from you. I can’t. You’re rich, and your riches are the bi-product of your talents. Mazel Tov. But being a graffiti artist is something that takes years and years of suffering to achieve. Getting chased and or beaten by cops. Climbing on rooftops. Clipping fences. Stealing spray paint. Getting into beefs with rival crews where more than bottles of bubbly get tossed around. You ain’t Lee and your current ex Rhi Rhi sure ain’t Lady Pink. How you handle yourself is certainly Wild Style though—I’m sure Lee and Pink had their disputes way back when but I guarantee you that the man famously quoted at the top of Nas’ groundbreaking Illmatic LP never bit and scratched the artist in her young woman form the way you did.

Lee and Lady Pink Graffiti
Lee and Lady Pink don’t stink!

What does this scribe calling you out for domestic abuse have to do with Graffiti? NOTHING! Graffiti was just an opening in the fence, and I done ran through it. I can’t lay all the blame on you, Chris Brown. I can’t speak on what your childhood was like. I can’t speak on whether or not you were abused as a child. I can’t speak on the pressures of fame and the fact that so many people want something from you. And I certainly can’t speak on making a mistake so big that millions of people look at you side-eyed. Still, you have millions of people who love you. You’re a popular artist. You’re 23 years old.  You’ve got so many great things ahead of you. Just recognize that graffiti ain’t one of them. Stop fronting. If I see you trying to get up I will personally rag all of your shit with vintage Rustos, fuck all of this bougie foreign designer paint bullshit. This is graffiti, not Gloria Vanderbilt.

Painting animals doesn’t make you a graffiti artist. Let me see you try to pull off some letterforms that have some real HERITAGE. I’m sure you can commission a style master to show you the ropes, but you can hope to the pope and it still won’t be dope.  Being a writer is something that ruminates in your bones. These letters we choose to rock were remixed by legends, but you’ll never understand because you’re not from the essence. We done re-mixed the alphabet and made them letters strut, you understand? Strut like Re Run from What’s Happening lockin’ on Crenshaw. Strut like Pam Grier with a gun in her hand outside of a whore house. Strut like Celia Cruz at an after hours spot in Spanish Harlem. Strut like Pete Townsend helicoptering power chords like a motherfucker. Chris Brown must go learn the culture and advocate it from a distance. Like a respectful fan. What Chris Brown is doing right now has gently placed him in the groupie zone.  Being an advocate isn’t a bad thing at all. Pretending to be something that you’re not, however, is suspect. The Bridge is over, toy.

Chris Brown Graffiti skull in action
Chris Brown FOH crew
Chis Brown Graff

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  • da fuck cares?

    you mad?

  • Angry much? Wow, take a breather before your blood pressure sky rocket

  • Fat_Face_Rick

    Mass Appeal, FOH for posting an article about that corny chump, and FOH for making me look up what ‘FOH’ means. jack offs

  • KennyFuckinPowers

    look at all the groupie fan fags defending him because they’ll easily drop 2K on some wack bullshit he drew….Mr. Brainwash is GOD compared to this trendy toy

  • Geronimo

    If you can do it better, then do it! Stop writing and start painting you bama, haha. FOH.

  • J Graff

    Mass hate publicly advertised only cause he can spray Brown will always have more media so why get mad pointless ass remarks

  • TradeMark310

    What a shitty thing to be mad at. So Breezy painted a wall. It aint like he is trying to market himself as a graf artist.

  • tyler

    this article is just giving him more attention… ignore him!

  • HAT no toy

    You aint a graffiti artist if you cant write your tag ill as fuck and get up everywhere

  • lol that piece is terrible but not really worth addressing

  • WOOOOORD? Even after doing that piece for a good cause…? Y so serious? You could’ve just said, “you ain’t the best graffiti artist out there” and kept it at that. I doubt Chris Brown would care to read your diatribe against him on the ” pure essence” of the graffiti artist..

  • Uncle Ali

    Jealous, Much.

  • TBNH360

    LOL! All you CB dick riders are a bunch of fuckin posers. Sit the fuck down. You obviously don’t understand the culture if you are defending that bunk, toy shit. Humbly move on. I swear, y’all hipster, wannabe hip hop heads are really saturating this shit o_O

  • Vic The Bitter

    and mr brainwash still sucks

  • Preach on, brother Sascha!

  • You write with an appreciated wit. Acid and acerbic. Nice.

  • Attilah

    Man please. Old heads are always bitching about the fact that youngns don’t respect the culture and that they don’t incorporate the 4 elements etc etc..soon as someone does you get an article like this. This is why we get no respect. I bet you if Chris Brown wrote the TaT Cru a check it would be all good right? I been a hip hop head since I can remember and done it all from breaking, to graf, DJin, rapping, going to God rallies, etc… Its all about freedom of expression. Fuck where you from its where you at. Dudes want to benefit off this Hip-Hop going global but dont want to let the string go. Cant have it both ways. You got pictures of Lee and Lady Pink who are probably in their fuckin fifties now and could benefit from the rekindling of graffiti art but youre stating that unless you are exactly like them you dont deserve to be a graf artist? FOH. We’re not all from the same place or circumstances son we aint supposed to all have the same experience. This is the same mentality that made everybody hate NY back in the day (this coming from an old head from Qboro). Unless you rocked in the parks in the Bronx you wasnt Hip-Hop, This is why the South and the West said fuck NY, and this is why the youth are saying fuck the old heads. Graffiti means jumping rooftops and getting chased by cops? You sound like a poser son. Straight up Style Wars dvd watching nigga. I been to Africa and Tokyo and you should see what they doin out there. No rooftops to jump from. The Graffiti culture has evolved past the days of Ed Koch and 42nd street porn shops homie, the same way that Hip-Hop is no longer something Kool Herc is doing in the park but a billion dollar industry. It is widely recognized as an art and the Lees, the Phase2,

  • attilah

    and all the legends influenced plenty of guys to pick up the Krylon. That’s their legacy. When someone picks it up we shouldnt disparage them. Looking at his piece…the kid got talent. He may not be an all time pro but trust I seen plenty wack pieces going up the Throgs Neck back in the day. And in terms of the sideways talk about him being abused as a child and the domestic violence issue, its off topic and tangential since youre supposed to be criticizing his art. Objectivity out the window. Not only that but it’s revisionist history. If you think some of those late 70s and early 80s Bronx boricuas werent going over their women’s heads (which I dont condone), youre bugging. A close friend of mine, incredible artist, ended up killing his woman and committed suicide, so get off your feminist with a dick stance and give the young man a chance to redeem himself Black Man and as good a journalist as I know you are, get off the revisionist bullshit and promote the culture which Mr. Brown has achieved in his own way more than you did with this hatin ass article

  • Sacha Jenkins SHR


    SHR here.

    I appreciate your note. You have serious thoughts on the culture. I too am from Queens and I too have an appreciation for graffiti from around the world. Matter of fact, i produced a book called World Piecebook, and if you are a fan of the culture i’m sure you’ll treat yourself to a copy–some of the best writers from all over the globe are up in there. Just holler at Amazon. As far as calling me a hater, i did acknowledge that the young man has some paint control. Chris Brown is an artist. He just ain’t a graffiti artist. He might be inspired by graffiti and so-called “street art”. Inspiration is an infinite. But before he goes around taking credit for things that he didn’t do’ this old ass man wanted say something because i saw something. The thing is though, Black Man, the media tends to twist things. And if i hadn’t taken the time to address this issue, no one else would have. At least, no one with a perspective from inside of the culture would have been given the opportunity via a major media platform to talk about this. I’m glad my platform gave you the opportunity to speak your mind, and i’m glad i’m still out here creating platforms like Mass Appeal for myself and others to say something. Chris Brown doesn’t have to clip fences or climb on rooftops, and i could give a fuck if he cut a check to the TATS Cru–matter of fact, they’re doing damn fine without his dough. They’re successful. They came up in the culture and they pass it on. There are blues musicians and jazz musicians and punk musicians and there are graffiti writers and graffiti artists. You could be from Tokyo, you could be from the burbs; you could be 15 or 55–that doesn’t matter. But bruh, feel me, Chris brown ain’t a writer. That’s all I’m saying.

    Yo–i’m sure you saw mad whack shit near the Throgs Neck–LOL.

    PS: Yes, i do watch Style Wars on occasion, but i’m not no “nigga”. If that is how you choose to address Black people or people in general, be on the look out for a txt message from Harriet Tubman. She wants to get you re something called Knowledge of Self.

    Peace to the Gods and Earths and people of the Universe

  • Attilah

    Being two older Gods we can agree that Mr. Brown is no Dondi
    or Nicer. Some will argue that he’s not an r&B singer. But that’s all it is, an argument. In the end, the victors write history and history absolves. We’ll see what side he falls on.

    Ill definitely snatch a copy of your work off Amazon brother. I’m
    very interested and surprised I never heard of it. Maybe I can push some of my wisdom’s Essence magazines out the way and get some prime placement on the coffee table.

    I do wish to apologize for resorting to the n-word. I assure you
    this is not my ilk. We usually reserve the word for sellouts or those who take pleasure tearing other brothers down which I know isn’t you. I’ve been following your writing since the days of
    Beatdown magazine (also Rap Pages I believe) many moons ago and have known you to be a sensible and progressive writer which is why this article caught me off guard. You rarely lose your cool.

    A wise man told me getting old is losing grip of what we
    hold dear and just like I can’t stand what Hip-Hop has become or Serato, I’m sure the Soul cats couldn’t stand our sampling and DJing when they had to learn music theory and walk around with a ten piece band. They felt we didn’t pay dues and were disgracing their work but were it not for a Primo or Pete Rock I
    would’ve never heard of a Melvin Bliss, so he lives on through their
    interpretation, no matter what he thinks of it. Perhaps a young neophyte will read about the Bronx Bombers after seeing Chris Brown and they’ll finally get their due. It’s bittersweet but we must pass the torch to the next generation no matter if we think the torch is too heavy for them to carry, which it always
    seems to be. Deep down we know we did it better.

    Much respect on allowing us all the platform and taking the
    time to respond.

    Peace god

    PS – Style Wars is my joint. Lol

  • Hip Hopaterian

    Chris Brown is The 5th Element of hip hop, he is the reincarnation of Big, Pac, and spit from beat street.

  • What’s that movie that dude was like “What’s up HOW CAN I BE DOWN?” lol

  • @TheeUrbanPrince

    Why is the author of this article so upset?? you spent all this time writing this article just to be negative… smh. I would love (LOVE) to see what your graffiti looks like….

  • the purism in this post is hilarious, considering what we let get by in rap music.

  • I can’t stand Chris Brown but this article is hilarious. Only dudes that are insecure as fuck would let whatever this chump does affect you in any type of way.



  • Kool herc


  • This whole website seems negative about everything. Way to much hating by the writers on this site. Chris brown is interested in the graffiti culture. Give him props for bringing it some shine and getting others interested. Don’t just hate on him for no reason. This website is wack. Can’t beleive Nas way see six figures investing in it.

  • Bold Love

    From the way it looks, you’re wrong. Chris did a pretty decent job there. Now he is not a pro. But give him a few years, son. Stop discrediting what is obvious. Have we seen better? Absolutely. Have we seen worst? Hell yeah! I know this is heart-breaking and obviously trigger jealousy in your brain, but get the hell over it! You really seem to be disappointed about the hidden talent that has been exposed, opposed to the painting of an AMATEUR.

  • SHR


    Please pass along your info so we can pass it on to Nas, you’re right–Mass Appeal is whack. I’m sure you’ll do a much better job with your site.



  • New Yorker