Surface: A Chloe Sevigny Short Film

While Lena Denham continues to yammer on about being the voice of her generation, we take you back to a true enigma and New York darling, Chloe Sevigny. Shot by photographer and filmmaker Michael Cleary, the beginning of  “Surface” sees Sevigny frolicking around in tighty-whiteys, while bizarre circuit bent music plays in the background. The short film cuts to the actress writhing on the bed – all kohl eyes and colt limbs – in a state of fitful sleep before finishing with an impromptu fashion shoot to 1930’s Charleston music. Sevigny’s airy voice provides the monologue while gritty, b-roll style footage moves through the scenes. The black and white film was shot just before the actress was catapulted into superstardom with Oscar and Golden Glove nominations for her role in “Boys Don’t Cry”. Check out the film above and continue the celebration of the ultimate 90’s icon at with their full article by Interview Magazine editor-in-chief, Christopher Bollen.

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