Childish Gambino “Centipede”

Gambino says he's been focusing more on his music recently. "Centipede" is the first example.

Childish Gambino new track centipede

Everyone’s favorite comedian turned rapper pops back up with some new music for the first time in a long time. Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino has been focusing on his rap career as of late — even taking a limited role in the next season of his show “Community” — and we finally get to hear how all that time is being channeled.

“Centipede” is Bino in his lane, as he supplies his own production, sings a few strained bars, and offers some stretched metaphors; but all at a slightly higher caliber. Whereas previous tracks felt forced, like Glover was trying too hard to be funny, tough, or legitimate, he finds his pocket much more easily here. When the beat switches up, Bino steps in line with it. His verbal footing has noticeably improved.

The extended outro comes courtesy of Behind the Lava Lamp Episode 16, part of a documentary series rapper Charles Hamilton put out a few years back. It touches on a lot of Glover’s frequent themes like achieving mainstream success despite not coming from a violent or drug-riddled past.

As sad as we are that we’re getting less Troy and Abed in the Morning, you have to respect DG’s decision, especially if “Centipede” is a sign of things to come. Vague artwork included below.

centipede artwork

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