Childish and Jhene at Coachella

Childish Gambino and Drake Battle It Out For Jhene Aiko

Childish Gambino versus Drake. Who ya got?

Both Childish Gambino and Drizzy Drake are actors turned rappers. Both dropped very noteworthy albums to end 2013. Both have bona fide jams with the new I’m-the-hottest-right-now-because-I’m-racially-ambigious-and-smoke-a-lot-of-weed songstress Jhene Aiko. Both performed said songs with Ms. Aiko last night at Coachella. However, this is America and both can’t have the best performance of the night. There has to be a number one and number two, and to my surprise the number one is Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino.

The main difference in these two performances is the palpable, untaught chemistry between Gambino and Aiko. It’s surreally natural, like they were just singing in the bedroom. “Bed Peace” isn’t even that hot of a song, to be honest. They just work together on stage like Ja and Ashanti used to – flawless. When they trade microphones at the 1:27 mark it’s effortless. They truly are each other’s musical counterparts.

Now we got my dude Drake performing “From Time” looking like he hasn’t had a sip of water all day. Drizzy, why are you so thirsty right now? His whole, come closer bae move does not go over well and Jhene clearly backs away as he approaches. Also, did he go in for the kiss at the end? Dude, RiRi has been through enough.

The winner is Childish Gambino but “From Time” still the infinitely better song and overall more influential. Drake stays the King.

Childish and Jhene at Coachella

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  • Bradford

    1 huge difference between the 2 songs; drake’s is a drake song off of a drake album. CG’s was an Aiko song off her album(Sail Out). The CG & Aiko song off of “Because the Internet” is “Pink Toes”.

  • Froinlaven

    After reading the article I feel relieved that I’m not the only one that thinks Drake tries too hard. Dude has talent, but everything he does seems so forced sometimes. Maybe I’m biased though….