Chief Keef’s Upcoming GloGang Worldwide Designs

You gotta glo up one day, Chief Keef.

Chief Keef can’t seem to stay out of the spotlight. The GBE commander-in-chief is undoubtedly one of the most prominent names in rap blowing out of the Windy City. Sosa’s popularity was brought to new heights when Kanye West tapped him for last year’s Cruel Summer banger, “Don’t Like,” and Keef is reported to be working with Yeezus for his upcoming Bang 3 project.

The Chief’s influence is undeniable. Many fans attempt to emulate his lifestyle, from the lyrical content of his tracks down to the way he dresses.  As such, the Chicago rapper took it upon himself to launch his own clothing line, dubbing it GloGang Worldwide. Launching earlier this year, the first drop contained a host of original designs on t-shirts. Recently, Sosa took to Instagram to give fans a preview of upcoming releases.

You’d think the spitter would’ve picked up a thing or two about style from hanging around Yeezy. But Keef prefers baggy True Religions and retro Jordans to Kanye’s leather kilts and Margiela kicks, which translates down to the GloGang Worldwide aesthetic.


The first thing that comes to mind when you see these pants is, “Do these GloGang Sweats glow in the dark?” After that, you should ask yourself where your gaudy Ferragamo belt is supposed to go. The designs vary between what could be described as “Mother Nature on Crack” and “Evil Kenevil Glown Up Cousin.”


Along with the pant designs, Sosa took ad-libs to a whole new level by designing this tee right here (*Bang Bang Three Hunna*). According to the GGW website, the collection has done fairly well so far. The previous collection of tees is mostly sold out. Who knows what direction Keef will take the line, but one thing remains certain. You can’t look at this t-shirt and not see Tommy Pickles.


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  • Johnny Trotman

    Hideous stuff. Looks like a Cross Colors revival line.

  • Sharif McMillan

    The Glo Gang on some real shit

  • Deondre

    when the pants coming out?

  • gloria richardson

    gang ! looking forward 2 looking glowed up in glogang gear!