Hyde Park Permission Wall being demolished in Chicago

Chicago’s Hyde Park Permission Wall Destroyed

How the mighty have fallen.

Photos DwelOne

The Hyde Park Permission Wall has been destroyed. The proverbial blank slate had been standing on Chicago’s South Side for more than 20 years and was known as the last of Chicago’s “permission walls” still remaining. A 50-foot wall serving as a meeting place amongst local Chicago artists was demolished a week ago bringing an end to something unique, beautiful, and integral to the city’s art scene.

Hyde Park Permission Wall Artists at work photo by DwelOne

Citing it as a place where artists from all over the city would congregate without the hindrance of police presence you’d see when it comes to graffiti it sadly came to an end after being a home to local artists for close to 25 years. With this being the last known “permission wall” many don’t see another taking its place or coming in the future.

Hyde Park Permission Wall Image Dare pieces photo by DwelOne

Making way for a “mixed-use” building and possibly residential structure it appears that this is a situation similar to what was experienced in New York with the commandeering of 5 Pointz. Those interested in how the demolition came about can check this site with information on the Vue53 development that will stand in the wall’s place.

Hyde Park Permission Wall being demolished in Chicago

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