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Celebrities Read Their Social Media Ether in “Mean Tweets”

Celebrities Read Their Social Media Ether in “Mean Tweets”

As a celebrity, there are always going to be people who don’t like you, mainly for stupid reasons: your mouth is too big, your accents suck— haters gon’ hate. And with Twitter at every hater’s disposal, spewing out insults has never been so easy. “Jimmy Kimmel Live” gives celebrities a chance to read the online ether in a segment “Mean Tweets,” and as you could imagine hilarity ensues.

In this episode, Mindy Kaling gets criticized for not being for funny or attractive (we think you’re beautiful Mindy). Matthew McConaughey gets called a name he’s clearly never heard. And best of all, June Squibb tells someone to fuck off.

We’re pretty sure we could watch every celebrity in the world do this for hours. Watch the video in the slider up top, and afterwards check out the previous episodes here.

June Squibb fuck off


[h/t Complex]