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LurkNYC’s CCTV Surveillance Master Tape

LurkNYC’s CCTV Surveillance Master Tape

This weekend on top of an apartment building nestled in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn a herd of skaters gathered to catch the premiere of Nick von Werssowetz’s final installment to his Surveillance Tapes video series, CCTV Surveillance Master Tape. After having a few beers and vibing out to a DJ mix consisting mostly of Tommy Wright and Cam’ron (which we were definitely not complaining about) the party moved towards the projector as show time was underway.

The next twenty or so minutes were filled with cheers. As the filmed played, homies watching other homies on the big screen applauded, joked, and laughed on the rooftop overlooking Lower Manhattan. The video features homegrown NYC skaters Jacob Gottlieb, Mike Diaz, Shawn Powers, Adrian Vega, Nick Scott, and Genesis Evans who all deliver great parts. Along with the expected high-quality off-the-grid skating, the surveillance video theme was also a high note from the LurkNYC project which you can check out above.

lurknyc cctv surveillance master tape

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