Uncle Ruckus With Jesus from the Boondocks

“Black Jesus” is Real, and he Lives in Compton

"Black Jesus" is coming to Adult Swim, and he's reporting live from Compton.

“The Boondocks” remains one of the most hilariously written shows to premiere on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming. The original cartoon strip ran for a while in The Source magazine, before getting picked up by the television network as a half-hour animated comedy show. Created by a genius named Aaron McGruder, the show revolved around a young black radical named Huey Freeman, and satirized African American culture and America’s fucked up politics.

Now, from McGruder’s amazing mind comes a brand new show for Adult Swim that is sure to spark some controversy. That show will be titled “Black Jesus.” The show depicts Black Jesus, played by Gerald “Slink” Johnson of “Grand Theft Auto V” (Lamar Davis) fame, living in present day Compton. Jesus goes on a daily mission through the tough Cali hood to spread love and kindness throughout the neighborhood, alongside his loyal group of downtrodden followers. The show also stars Charlie Murphy (“Chappelle’s Show”), Corey Holcomb (“The Cleveland Show”) and John Witherspoon (“The Boondocks”).

Gerald Slink Johnson star of the new show Black Jesus

The show has started production in LA and will premiere later this year. McGruder is said to serve as executive producer for the show, with writer/director Mike Clattenberg (“Trailer Park Boys”), and LEG’s Norman Aladjem and John Bravakis. The show’s also going to be shot entirely in live-action format.

Fans of “The Boondocks,” don’t fret — season four of the show is still on its way. Except now, we’ll have “Black Jesus” to accompany the fourth coming of the animated messiah. Stay tuned as more info drops on “Black Jesus,” reporting live from Compton.

Uncle Ruckus With Jesus from the Boondocks

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