Carrie Wilds Mishka "Show It" Artwork

Carrie Wilds feat. Cody B. Ware “Show It” MP3

Brooklyn-based singer Carrie Wilds is the truth, Ruth.

Carrie Wilds Mishka "Show It" Artwork

Carrie Wilds is a face, a name, and a voice you’ll want to remember. She’s the first solo female act from Мишка Records, about to start an addiction to everything she has to offer.

So far, Мишка has been responsible for supporting talent from Mr. MFN Exquire and The Hood Internet. Now Carrie is about to body the game as their next big prospect. Her voice is as heaven sent as her looks. She sets off “Show It” with her angelic falsetto that sounds like it’s skipping across the clouds above. But to be more specific, these are dark clouds provided by the ominous beat by the producer, S-X.

According to Мишка’s introduction, they say, “Carrie is a Brooklyn-based chanteuse who’s intertwined her southern-soul roots with the city’s thriving electronic scene.” They also add, “After working with artists from Drop The Lime to Crookers, Carrie has teamed up with world champion DJ Shiftee to curate her self-titled mixtape.”

Check back on Mass Appeal for the video featuring a guest appearance by Mr. MFN Exquire. Carry on, with your bad self Ms. Carrie Wilds.


Carrie Wilds Mishka "Show It" Artwork

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