Carnage NYC Presents “Grilled III”

Door porn?

Well-respected New York City graffiti zine Carnage is back with a new zine featuring the 126 most epic doors in NYC. If you’ve been tagging doors in the city over the past few years, chances are you’re in this zine. Carnage monitored doors city-wide to print only the most layered and authentic. Grab a copy to have your own piece of NYC history.

From the introduction: “If tags are a way for graffiti writers to say “I was here,” then doors are the closest thing a neighborhood, a street, or a block can have to a guestbook. No two doors are the same. A door will tell you not only who was here and with whom, but also whose tags get left alone and respected and who gets gone over. Depending on the exact spot and the immediate environment, some doors will be covered in marker or white-out tags, while others will have just a few bold spray-paint tags. Some doors attract locals and others visitors, some beginners and others the legends in the game. Some get painted over quickly, but a few accumulate layers of unique individual presences over many years, thus developing personalities of their own.”

Grilled III is available at while supplies last.

Carnage NYC Grilled III

Carnage NYC Doors Graffiti

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