Captain Murphy Drops New Track, We Still Don’t Know His Identity

Does Captain Murphy's "Killing Joke" give clues about who he is?

Captain Murphy is the mysterious MC who first made his debut alongside Earl Sweatshirt on Flying Lotus’s “Between Friends” single  a few weeks back. Since Murphy traded intricate bars with Earl the Internets have been trying to figure out who he is. Intrepid Web researchers uncovered the animated video for “Mighty Morphin Foreskin” and folks began to speculate that Captain Murphy was really Earl or Tyler or even the rapping alter ego of Flying Lotus.

Whatever the case, our interest has been piqued and Captain Murphy’s latest, “Killing Joke” is a dope nod to not only the classic Batman graphic novel but also very the notion of having an alter ego itself. Interspersed with dialogue from “The Dark Knight” movie the Fly Lo-produced track seems to be Murphy’s own rapping manifesto, check it out and see if lends clues to who he really is.

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DOWNLOAD: Captain Murphy “The Killing Joke”

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