Get Candy From Strangers at Kitty Pryde, Chippy Nonstop, & Lina Loves It’s Party!

Kitty Pryde, Chippy Nonstop, & Lina Loves host their bi-weekly Candy From Strangers party this Monday in Brooklyn.

Ring Pop wishes and rap anthem dreams will descend upon 285 Kent next Monday in the form of a new bi-weekly party, “Candy From Strangers” hosted by Brooklyn’s favorite hip hop honeys, Lina Loves ItKitty Pryde and Chippy Nonstop. The second installment of the party series will feature performances by rappers SPEAKZ, Lakutis and Chapman, with a DJ set by Body High’s DJ UNIIQUE, aka the Jersey Club Princess.

To add another dose of glittery goodness, the party will also celebrate Miss Chippy’s birthday, so be sure to bring you’re twerking skills and your sweet tooth, cuz this party is going to be wild.

Candy From Strangers Flyer

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