Cam’ron Whips The Well Into Euphoria

What Cam's music does to my eyes I would alike to somewhere between uncontrollable laughter and dicing up a fresh onion.

Cam'ron Killa Cam Dipset live at The Well

There is something about Cam’ron that makes my eyes well up. What it does to my eyes is equivalent of somewhere between uncontrollable laughter and dicing up a fresh onion. Music often invokes emotion, but this is something special, beyond that. Like the shit is euphoric, for real. His flow is remarkably irreverent both in subject matter and style. The beat selections are impeccable. He says things you’ve thought, but would never dare utter, in a way you would immediately accept, if one were so inclined.

The love for Cam’ron is unabashedly both male and female. Wether it be in the crowd at a show, or driving around in the whip, both ladies and gents can be heard rapping along in unison to what most of the time is some pretty foul shit. This all combines for a very liberating experience. That’s why, when it was announced that Cam would be headlining the inaugural show at a new venue in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, called The Well this past Saturday, calendars were marked with no possibility of other plans.

Cam’s sets are notoriously short. This Saturday’s was the same set I saw him perform at a Mint & Serf event last September. About 18 minutes of classics, some of them over the album cut complete with vocals. We all know he’s got a lot more, and it’s a wonder he doesnt have all the instrumentals, but no one seems to care, it’s Cam’ron. The guy gets a crowd in the tizzy and leaves them wanting more. It’s curious why he doesn’t do more shows, or perhaps that’s part of the allure.

Performing before Cam were Mass Appeal favorites Flatbush Zombies as well as Asaad & Reese. DJ Dirtty of Baller’s Eve spun between sets. Check out our video for “Suck It Or Not” below along with some photos from the event.

DARKO of Flatbush Zombies performs
Darko Flatbush Zombies live at The Well

Juice of Flatbush Zombies performs
Meech Flatbush Zombies live at The Well

Plain Pat and DJ Kasloco
Plain Pat Kaslow Kasloco

DJ Dirrty spins between sets
Dj DIRRTY Ballers Eve EVR

This girl’s shirt bust open during Cam’s performance. Granted, it was her B’day
I got computers 'putin

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  • Frank

    good to see some people are giving Flea his respect..he is by far my favorite rapper of all time..jaffe gives so much free music to the public.. he is and will be the most underrated rapper of all time..