Cam’ron Drops New Music Video for “Funeral” and Series Trailer


It looks like KILLA is gearing up for another hot summer! He’s got new music and a new series on the way, and we got you covered on both tips…pause.

To mark the launch of his First Of The Month EP and short-film series next month, “King Jaffe Joe” aka “dial Killa for murda no redials” aka Mr. Giles drops off the trailer for his new series, as well as the video for a new joint called “Funeral.” If you’re familiar with the cult-classic (and it is a classic, f*ck what you heard) Killa Season then this bud’s for you.

In the trailer we get a glimpse into what seems like Cam’ron’s life, until we discover that the video’s true narrator is Cousin Bang. We get a brief backstory where we find out that Bang is the true muscle behind Killa’s operations, since Cam likes to play this “part-time rapper” parading around with his lady. Well Bang ain’t about the lavish, he’s more on the side of the savage. Every boss needs a shooter, so we also get to meet a ‘lil goon that will catch you slippin’ if you think he’s on that TerRio wave. Check the trailer right above.

With the First of The Month series we’re also gonna be getting an EP from Killa. In the video player up top is the video for “Funeral,” a track telling the whimsical tale of what happens when the person a funeral is being held for deserved to get it.

Get yourselves ready for a Cam-tastic summer chock full of guns, violence, and hood fiascos.

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