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Calvin Klein Hustler vs. Calvin Klein and Jay-Z’s Brooklyn Nets

The past and the present between OG Brooklyn Don Calvin Klein rears it's head at the announcement of the Brooklyn Nets partnering with fashion designer, Calvin Klein. Is it coincidence or payback?

Nets Barclays Center

“I never felt more alive than riding shotgun in Klein’s green 5, until the cops pulled guns.” Jay-Z’s line from “Allure” off The Black Album resonates to this day, with the recent announcement of his partnership between Jigga’s Nets team and designer Calvin Klein.

Reports Refinery29:

“The fashion company will be creating their own Calvin Klein Courtside Club, and a special Calvin Klein VIP entrance, for those who prefer their sports to be viewed from a luxury box. You can expect CK-branded seats (among other design elements), which we’re sure will perfectly highlight the Net’s new black-and-white color scheme.”

At first, the Nets’ uniforms, logo, and color schemes have irked critics, but the one with the most animosity towards Jay-Z has been one of Brooklyn’s original hustlers, Calvin Klein Bacote. In 2007, BK’s CK publicly questioned Jay-Z’s street cred. Like great storytellers, they need great source material, and Bacote believes that Jay-Z sampled his life for some of the music he would get rich off years later. Now it’s more than music—it’s billion dollar investments like the Nets. Their past is dead in the water at this point, and so are links to CK’s interview from DJ Kay Slay’s Streetsweeper Radio that harped on his past with Jay-Z.

The possibility of Jay-Z acknowledging the past is slim, with the 2012-2013 season on the horizon. The converversey of OG Calvin Klein is in his rear view, while he’s writing the future with fashion’s Calvin Klein in clear view.

Nets Barclays Center

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