Black Ops II Call of Duty video game screen image

Call of Duty: Black is Back

Black Ops II is so far ahead of it's time, it's about to start another life. Watch the trailer for the next Call of Duty installment coming to all platforms this winter. Burr!

Here we go shooter fans. Another Call of Duty game will drop this holiday season. It has officially been announced that the new installment will be Black Ops II. However, while the first Black Ops took place during 1970s Vietnam and 1980s Cold War, Black Ops II will take place in the future.

That’s right. For the first time, a Call of Duty game is going the way of sci-fi warfare. However, don’t expect anything too insane like full-blown active camouflage suits à la Crysis, the game only takes place about a decade into the future, 2025. There will be some sweet new weapons, gadgets, and flying drones armed to the teeth… or whatever orifice equivalent to a robot.

With this new inclusion of futuristic devices, the sky’s the limit in terms of their payoff in multiplayer kill streaks. Hopefully the development team went to town with some seriously crushing bonuses. Changes to the single player are also to be expected. Dave Anthony (Game Director) stated that as a big fan of choose-your-own-adventures, he’s managed to bring something similar to this new COD installment. Not only will your decisions change how the game plays out, but your skill level as well. Pressure’s on gents. There isn’t much revealed as to how drastically the story will change, but it’s definitely going to be a breath of fresh air getting away from the linear model of past COD titles. More to be revealed before the Nov 13th launch date.

Stay frosty.

Black Ops II Call of Duty video game screen image

Black Ops II Call of Duty video game screen image

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