“Call Back” The Debut Single From New York Producer NiRE

Peep "Call Back", the first single from New York producer Nire's debut album.


“Call Back” is the first single from the upcoming debut album by New York Producer, NiRE. Since graduating from the Melbourne session of the Red Bull Music Academy in 2006, NiRE has spent much of her time toiling as a DJ in the city – playing to pumped up crowds at parties like Santos, BPM, Full Service and Le Bain – while working on her own music. Her progressive blend of seemingly opposing music genres informs a unique hybrid sound and the statuesque beauty has garnered much attention from industry heads and underground scenesters in the city.

Talking to Mass Appeal, NiRE described the inspiration behind the sound of “Call Back”,

“I made the track without a specific concept but it came together as like these two opposite forces of ‘leave me alone’ and ‘hunter/hunted’. The ‘call back, I’m busy’ part is a nostalgic nod to a time when we only had landlines and were free from our beloved multiple tracking devices of now. The 2nd part that’s more intense is a lil scary, seductive and funny. It’s the dance of communication between someone you’re pursuing/being pursued by.”

NiRE masters a web of Biggie vocals, steady percussion and mind melting synth into an astute production. Check out the track below . . . we’ll take more where that came from.

Producer Nire as she releases new single from Debut album



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