CAleb Walmsley Tattoo Australia

Caleb Walmsley Inks New Era Tattooist Video Series

The versatility of graffiti, fine art, and tattoos by Caleb Walmsley color the latest installment in New Era Australia's video series.

Caleb Walmsley is true to New Era’s mantra to plant your own flag. He’s the latest in their series of profiles on artists doing it themselves, following their own path. He’s based in Fitzroy, Australia, operating out of his studio called Tattoo Magic. He opened his doors to the folks at ACCLAIM mag and New Era for a tour. His interview revealed the thought process of his artwork, along with the story of his evolution from graffiti artist to tattooist. Walmsley says,

“I do graffiti, and I paint canvases, and I sort of study letters. Pretty much anything with paint, I’m happy to have a crack at. Tattooing, I was drawn to that at such a young age and it was such an obsession of mine to become a tattooist, that when I sort of realized I was accomplishing my goals, I needed something else that wasn’t so serious, that was essentially the opposite of what I was doing, which is nobody knows that you’re doing it, nobody really cares that you’re doing it, and it’s not permanent, and you can have fun with it…”

Caleb Walmsley Tattooist New Era

Check back for more features in New Era’s Tattooist Series. Here’s Part 1 with Bugsy from Melbourne.

CAleb Walmsley Tattoo Australia

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