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Buying The Good Green: NW Cannabis Market

Buying The Good Green: NW Cannabis Market


When I think of a farmer’s market, the image that springs to mind reads something like this . . . yoga pants-clad chics yapping on iPhones, wearing sunglasses that make their heads look disproportionately larger than their body. CrossFit types flexing a dog leash attached to a boisterous labrador. Young couples – who probably work in a tech startup – pushing a baby in a stroller, surrounded by a shrine of vegetables. A melange of fresh lavender, basil and baked bread lingering in the air. . . pardon the tangent and the stereotyping.

Anyway, in Seattle, WA, they’re taking a different approach to the whole ‘friend of the farmer’ movement. Open seven days, the NW Cannabis Market offers patients with a medical marijuana card the opportunity to shop up to thirty different weed vendors, getting their prescription filled straight from the source. Not only is there more symptom-specific variations than at your local weed dispensary, but by cutting out the middle man you save money too. The NW Cannabis Market isn’t the only show in town, similar reefer emporiums have been cropping up (pardon the pun) throughout the state. Check out Cool Hunting’s video above.