Buttless Supreme Jaime Rojo Kate Moss Sidewalk Beauty

Stick ’em Up: Buttless Supreme

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Buttless Supreme Jaime Rojo Kate Moss Sidewalk Beauty

Sticker: Buttless Supreme

Graphic: “Buttless Supreme” in Futura Bold Oblique font, printed in red box sticker (see Supreme, Love Me, Morrissey).

Location: SoHo

Website: Sidewalk Beauty, additional Buttless Supreme tags at Life at a Glimpse

Context: Buttless Supreme, is the figure who posts an illustrated mug with the name Buttless tagged onto the Supreme box logo. Buttless Supreme is more of an idea than just a sticker by a person. The name is a vehicle to promote the heart of New York City—its bounty of attractive females known to Buttless as Sidewalk Beauty. We’re not one to question taste in women—the videos are probably intended to be a flattering display. BUT, part of the idea that’s born suspect is rolling up to a woman as she is going about her business and filming her is creepy. Even with permission, it’s a little weird. There’s no interview, no shoutouts, nada. Chalk it up to the soundtrack too. Those butter soft piano chords don’t sound like like they’re made for swaddling, baby paw. Stick with the stickers.

Longer videos of Sidewalk Beauty’s exploits are seen at Turninghishead.com. The site’s description says,

“An appreciation of the moment. A cheap thrill. An observation. A passing glance. An exchanged smile. A missed connection. A cosmopolitan mix of estrogen poured over the exhibitionistic trends of the modern fashion world. The games are afoot and the laws of attraction are at work. These are the concrete streets of New York City. Welcome to the dance. Have fun, enjoy the show, be polite. Filmed with permission.”

The great thing about seeing the beauty of NY is that in some cases, it’s a one time occurrence like a shooting star. It’s not everyday you see something that rare, and it’s not like you need to watch one at the drop of a hat on YouTube. The element of surprise is a powerful thing, why spoil it with a camera? Enjoy it for the moment, then keep it moving.

*If you watch Sidewalk Beauty’s videos, you might notice Misfit Dior, a familiar face from ego trip’s White Rapper Show.

Buttless Supreme Jaime Rojo Kate Moss Sidewalk Beauty

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  • Buttless Supreme

    Buttless Supreme AKA Buttsup is a monkey character with a butt on is head. While he does appreciate all butts, he respects women.
    BUTTLESS SUPREME IS IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH SIDEWALK BEAUTY. I’m a artist, that guy is a lurker scumbag. This was a play on the Supreme posters, making fun of it, Get your context right, do your research.