Butt Chugging is Apparently a Thing

The alcohol enema just might be a sign of the Apocalypse.

butt chugging at a frat pike

Flip cup? Cool. Beer pong? Also cool. A keg stand? OK, you’re going hard but we respect it. But “butt chugging,” the practice of pouring an alcoholic beverage into your anus through a tube as a means of getting faded faster? Not so cool.

The alcohol enema is the latest target of parental panic and news media finger-wagging because University of Tennessee student Alexander P. Broughton was rushed to the hospital last Saturday with severe alcohol poisoning and a blood alcohol level of “well over”.4. Broughton had allegedly been butt chugging wine with his bros of the Phi Kappa Alpha fraternity when things got a little out of hand and he ended up in the hospital– giving new meaning to the term “assed-out.”

So what does butt chugging look like? We know you’re not really asking yourself that but we’ve provided some videos of people getting their chug on anyway. They are not entirely safe for work and we implore not to try butt chugging at home, bro.

Video removed due to extreme ratchetness

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