Bun B’s Exceptionally Trill Scavenger Hunt

Bun B sends Jason Goldwatch on the trillest adventure for sustenance in the dessert of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Bun B Trill Gumball 3000 photo by Jason Goldwatch

Car 13. Day 5.
Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The ounce of pedigree cannabis we procured in Detroit had run out. The last in a series of gigantic blunts we wrapped without hesitation the night before, now lay a blackened pile of morning regret.

And so, at the top of the second to last leg of the race, we had just enough of a “clip” for breakfast smoke. The Santa Fe to Vegas run was the longest stretch of the Super Car Rally. A 655 mile trek across the great American South Western landscape, and one that absolutely demanded excessive weed smoke.

So like any resourceful drug addict I picked up my phone and started scrolling and tapping.

Enter Bun B. The raddest human being to ever come from Texas, and now a close brother of the road.

Understand, the GumBall 3000 is split quite unevenly between eccentric billionaires paying 25,000 pounds per driver to compete, and wilder artists invited to join and document the trip in our own personal light. And Bun B, in a sense, was the mayor of our outsider artist click.

Bun was whipping across the country in his Cream Phantom number 56. As only a true OG would, he always had places to see and things to share along the way, and the times we linked up were some of the higher points of my experience driving across America with a hundred or so other complete ragers.

Bun physically forced me into my first ever Steak and Shake in Detroit, served up delicious BBQ in an empty Strip Club in St. Louis, and hooked us up fat in New Mexico.

It was an early departure day, and he was the first person I hit. And so… Below.

Too Trill.

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