BUMP THAT! Turnup Twinz “Ratchet, Turnup, Molly” ft. Tina Turnup

Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds parade as their alter egos the Turnup Twinz and throw an amazing molly-filled pool party for their spoof single "Ratchet, Turnup, Molly"

Can two mild-mannered champions of New York City radio single-handedly save the face of Hip-Hop from the evil clutches of super-villian drug, Molly? Probably not. But hey, they can still have a bunch of fun in the sun trying, right? Check out how Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds parade around as Lil’ Yolo and Swag Snacks (Turnup Twinz) and turn an afternoon pool party at a mansion into a molly-popping, beer-guzzling, Power Wheel-driven freak show. This is awesome. Everything that’s wrong with commercial rap in one catchy, annoying-ass tune with all the gimmicks in the right order. Mission accomplished. Bump this!









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