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Bump That Mix Week 1

We're hooking you up with a compilation of the best tracks from hip hop's up-and-coming artists.

Life as a Mass Appeal writer isn’t all fun and games. Sure, we get to argue about music all day, curse like sailors and troll on people like Ray J, but at the end of the day we have to keep our ears to the streets and bless our loyal readers with new dope shit. It’s not as easy as you think – especially when it comes to music. We receive hundreds of e-mails each day from people asking us to check out their tracks, and to be honest most of them are straight trash could use some work. However, we occasionally come across up-and-coming artists that deserve some extra shine.

This week we’re doing just that by kicking off our new “Bump That Mix,” a compilation of each staff members favorite submissions as well as new artists they’re currently bumping. Listen to the playlist below and scroll down further for a track by track breakdown from our staff.

Mr. LXXXVII’s Picks

Nick Nikon – “Put It On Me (Ja Rule Cover)

It’s just a cover that took me by surprise and I feel like it needs to be heard. Its a fresh take on a “classic” record that I’m sure people may dig. Hailing from up north there are blatant parallels to the style of the Weeknd.

Mars Jackson “Just Some Shit”

I’m feeling the dreamy vibe coupled with the cynicism. What I enjoyed most about his work is the chill vibe and beat selection. He matches up well with the spacey boom bap vibe and doesn’t get lost in that whole trap realm like most young artists these days.

Raheem Recess “Whips (Back Then)”

I won’t lie, this has been a favorite track of mine for some time. I love the machine gun flow in his delivery coupled with the mellow and steady beat. The nostalgic tip is a plus as well.

Yo!Adrian’s Picks

Psymun “Dead Albatross” ft. Chester Watson

Minneapolis-based producer Psymun enlists the 16-year-old wordsmith Chester Watson as the the lone vocal feature on his Heartsick EP, and with good reason. The chemistry between these two is undeniable, plus we’re suckers for laid back flows over the jazziest of instrumentals.

JODY “Echos”

If you’re trying to seal the deal tonight, this track by the upcoming Chicago R&B group JODY will help you push all the right buttons when you decide make that move. Ladies love JODY, and if it’s good enough for the ladies, you better believe it’s good enough for us.

TEE RXMEO “Baptised”

Any blogger will tell you it’s difficult to sift through the numerous music submissions that amass in our inboxes. This Richmond, Virginia Producer/MC reached out with persistence to check out “Baptised,” and we’re pleased we did. The haunting sample heard throughout the erratic auditory concoction is simply sublime, while TEE’s sing-songy flow compliments the track in similar fashion to a Gouda-Merlot pairing. (Yes we partake in wine and cheese functions sucka!).

Devin P-B’s Picks

Lord Echo “Bohemian Idol”

If there was time-traveling funk filled spaceship, Lord Echo would be the captain. His new album, Curiosities, is a mixture of reggae, soul, disco, dance, and of course – funk. If I had to travel to another planet for a dance party with some aliens, I’d bring Curiosities and “Bohemian Idol” would be the first track I played.

Khadisma “hi,howyadoin”

There’s not much info out about this L.A.-based producer, he lets his music do the talking. Someone get Cee Lo green on the phone, dude would float on all this jawn. “hi,howyadoin” is the type of track you play in the car ride home from a first date before you seal the deal.

STERIO “Latch ReFix”

Disclosure’s “Latch” gets a fresh re-work from Cologne native STERIO. Like Khadisma, there’s not much info out about this producer, but judging by his SoundCloud stream it seems like he has propensity for reworking electronic tracks and giving them a hip hop feel. Sterio’s remix is much more downtempo than the original, but still preserves the essential elements of the track.

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Mass Appeal Bump That Mix

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    I hope y’all keep doing this. Def some nice new artists in this mix.