Martha Knuckles


Martha Knuckles holds it down, so we gotta give them shine. Bump That!

Martha Knuckles. Not sure if she knows Frankie Knuckles. But in all seriousness, Boog Brown can flow and throw some lyrical joints. Dillon is nice, too. He opens it up. Smooth beat. Nice Bicycle. Good Vibes. Look into Martha Knuckles–or get punched in the face.

Just kidding. But peep the steez. Rap talent. More people should know. That’s why we have this here Bump That movement happening. Open up your mind. Open up your musical library. And open up your wallet so special artists like this can continue to make great art and inspire you. We all deserve to eat. Artists eat by making great art. Support and Salute.

martha knuckles-1

Martha Knuckles

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