Hefna Gwap

Bump That! Hefna Gwap ft. Jona Grizz “28 Grams”

Hefna Gwap proves why he's been admitted to the Smoker's Club. Bump That!

Gritty New York scenery? Check.

Rooftop shot? Check.

Ski-mask? Check.

Hefna Gwap smoking mad blunts? Check. Check. Check.

In their newest video, “28 Grams,” Hefna Gwap and Jona Grizz take us on a journey their hood. No bread crumbs needed, just following the blunt ashes, son! For some people, 4/20 is everyday.

Check out the Hefna Gwap “28 Grams” video above and the behind-the-scenes photos below.

hefna gwap 28 grams video behind the scenes
All photos courtesy of Gregston Hurdle of Mr. LXXXVII Photography

hefna gwap smoking blunt

hefna gwap video for 28 grams

hefna gwap performs 28 grams

hefna gwap photo yankees beanie

hefna gwap mirror behind the scenes

hefna gwap music video

hefna gwap 28 grams music video

hefna gwap 28 grams music video still for 28 grams

hefna gwap music

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Hefna Gwap

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