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Bump That! Gentle Jones “Scientology” ft. Marchitect

Bump That! Gentle Jones “Scientology” ft. Marchitect

Scientology raps.

Gentle Jones is rap. Gentle Jones isn’t gentle with his raps. Gentle Jones is from outer space. Gentle Jones has a new joint called “Scientology” wherein he drops mad science as if he has Butter Fingers. Seek out Gentle Jones. He has fun with rap but he ain’t no joke. Gentle Jones can be your friend if you’d like him to. He is a good man. His rhymes are ghostly, but he ain’t trying to be Ghost Face.

Tell him you like his music. Holler: @gentlejones.

Shouts out to Beck and Tom Cruise (and Will and Jada).

Gentle Jones raps
 A pointy nose guy from Gentle Jones rap video
Gentle Jones Scientology guys chilling at the train tracks

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