Europe’s Optical Illusions Make a Splash in USA

Nothing is what it seems through the technique of trompe-l'oeil. Made you look!

Street videographer Brusspup is more than meets the eye. In his latest creation, a clever optical illusion painted on the bottom of an empty pool, he uses the dips and rises to create the semblance of a giant pool ball. The most interesting aspect of the piece is that there is only one angle in which the piece can be seen the way it is intended to be. The video allows us to see all the different views leading up to the one that fools us.

The method that he uses is called “trompe-l’oeil,” which means “Fool The Eye,” and dates back to ancient Greek and Roman times, though it was not made popular until the Baroque period. The method consists of using real angles of objects to create the optical illusion, that whatever has been painted on them will appear three dimensional.

Below is a more traditional example of trompe l’oeil from 1874 by Pere Borrell del Caso on a flat surface, creating the illusion in “Escaping Criticism.”

Pere Borrel Del Caso Optical Illusion

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