Brooklyn Brings Home The Nets

The new Brooklyn Nets logos are here, courtesy of Jay-Z.

Brooklyn, the largest of the five NYC boroughs, one of the most thorough places on the planet (yeah, we’re biased), hasn’t seen a professional sports franchise since the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles in 1957… until now. The logos have been designed and debuted (apparently everyone’s a critic too), and the video above, released today, reminds us of the core ingredients that make Brooklyn so special, outside of being the birthplace of Mass Appeal. Today the team once known as the New Jersey Nets released their official logo – branding them Brooklyn royalty. Jay-Z hinted to the arrival of the Nets in the song “Hello Brooklyn” off of the American Gangsta LP.   He said: “My fine hoe we got some victims to catch, so in a couple years I’m gonna bring you some Nets”. The logo designed by Jay-Z (he does that too?) is already on sports memorabilia ready for you to purchase.

Jay-Z Brooklyn Nets logo Jay Z

The Barclay Center will open in Brooklyn September 28th with a concert from Jay-Z. Over priced tickets can be bought here… should be dope though. Hey, did we mention Jay-Z in this post yet?

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