Bronze Hardware Presents: ***Enron***


WARNING: The new bronze hardware video is rated TV-14 (Mature Audiences).

Bronze Hardware, aka bastions of the “Solo Jazz Cup,” have dropped another banger for your consumption. Enron, which takes its name from the financial giant that began that whole wave of whistle blowing, because homies was on that fraud tip heavy back in 2001… pause. Bronze’s Enron is an exhibition of skateboarding moonlighting as a capsule of smooth jazz, various chopped and screwed tunes, layered with Internet and media fodder from the last couple of decades. If that wasn’t enough, the clips are strewn together like a video mixtape— you can expect transitions, interludes, and re-edits woven in— creating a scattered but cohesive jammie jam.

With graphics and gif embeds that exude AOL and Geocities, interspersed with some clips that look like they were filmed on your dad’s vacation camcorder, this is sure to take you back to a world you thought was forgotten. Or if you’re on the younger side: a time when the Internet had to get called, just like shorty doowop you might’ve been crushin’ on at last week’s rap show grandma, when you trying to get that Christmas come-up.

Hit the video player up top to check out the Enron clip from the Bronze Hardware gang. Shout outs to all white fits and Cindy Crawford hair flips.

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