Bronx Triumphs with Mariah Carey on Nurvous EP

The artist channeling the BX namesake pays homage to MC.

Nurvous Records (akin to the legendary Nervous Records of NYC) is pushing forward the summer beach vibes once again with their new Mexican signee, Bronx. The name itself will definitely turn some heads. As for the music, it seems that Nurvous has captured something soulful and catchy with this two-track debut EP. “I’ll Be Loving You” hits the spot with its smooth tempo, major melody and well-played Mariah Carey sample. “Burnin Up” takes a bit of a darker turn, but is in no way grim. What I mean to say is: If “I’ll Be Loving You” is the beach date in the morning, then “Burning Up” is like club hopping in the evening. The minor chord piano sounds flirts with the ’90s stepper house in a way that’s not foreign for the scope of disco dance music this 19-year-old producer is trying to create. If I had to pick a track I liked more, I would be at a loss because these two tracks stand alone, yet they somehow mesh together properly as one rock solid release. If you really twisted my arm, took my pet cat hostage and/or threatened to steal my SS#… then I would probably pick the title track for its groove.

Bronx Nurvous EP "I'll Be Loving You"

Final Thoughts: When I think of Nu Disco, three things immediately come to mind (for better or worse): 1) gnarly looking flocks of spoiled white girls shopping at Beacon’s Closet, ripping the tags off of already marked-down, second hand XXL American Apparel cardigans 2) DJing for Diesel Co. on 5th Ave for six hours at a time, and 3) Aeroplane (the recording artist, not the mode of transportation). For this summer, I am going to put to the side my humorous dispositions/notions of my “guilty-pleasure-genre” and equate my current taste for Nu Disco with Bronx, the new recording artist whose got a solid ear for the summer sound and production prowess to match it.

Purchase this full release on Beatport, and be on the look out for more from Bronx and Nurvous.


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  • “If you really twisted my arm, took my pet cat hostage…” hahahaha
    Thanks guys!!!