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Bridgeport Arts Fest Gets Up in Connecticut

Bridgeport Arts Fest Gets Up in Connecticut

Bridgeport Artists Graffiti

Connecticut is like New York’s cousin, or a brother (or sister) from another mother. Then you’ve got one of CT’s greatest exports EVER, Cassandra Ventura (y’all know her as Cassie). Our man, Brian Dwels (Rappin’ with the Rickster) a Bridgeport, CT native is also a major part of the community of artists (TKID170, WANE, etc.) contributing to next week’s Bridgeport Artsfest. The lineup promises to produce more timeless work from these thriving painters. Catch up on their wave next week. The story of Connecticut made artwork is still being told through Dwels’ History of Bridgeport documentary which profiles graf in ’90s. Dwels says, “Bridgeport, CT has been a place writers from all over the world have come to ‘get up’.” Smile for the camera while you’re at the event, Ricky Powell aka The Doloist is taking flicks, and asking questions later. Watch the trailer below for the forthcoming visual masterpiece.


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