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Brenmar’s Interview & Mix for FACT Mag

Before Brenmar arrived back in NY, he talks about the LA lifestyle, and being bummed about the Chicago Bulls.

Brenmar Fact Magazine Mix 335

Before I got to attend Movement Festival in Detroit, I had a brief conversation with Brenmar over the phone while he was still living in LA. Brenmar got his love for RnB through his sisters while growing up Chicago. You can tell RnB had a heavy impact on him through many of his remixes that carry the likes of Aaliyah, Cassie, and Groove Theory. Now back on the East Coast, he’s playing all over the city and making his way back to all his New York City fans. During the festival I could spot Brenmar from a mile away, he just stands out. Wearing an oversized heather grey tank top with black jeans, his hair slicked down like a school boy—the side with a fade to give it an edge. Let’s not forget the custom gold teeth grill he had on the bottom of his mouth. If you can’t attend one of his shows, you can always enjoy his latest mix he did for Fact Magazine. The mix contains a series of his originals, remixes, and you’ll also find a couple of Chi-Town friends: juke producer DJ Rashad, and Chin Chilla Meek who recently just dropped her mixtape. Here’s Brenmar filling us in on his forthcoming projects and his reaction to Derrick Rose and his beloved Bulls.

Mass Appeal: What’s it like living and working in LA?

Brenmar: I work on music everyday out here. I was moving around a bunch. I wanted to see what the scene was like out here. What the locals were up to. There’s a lot more going on in LA than I thought. You catch all these little one off parties and then there are these huge industry parties where you’re playing at some huge electro party.

I feel like LA has a little bit going on more than New York right now. There’s a bit of everything here. Everyone is very supportive of each other out in LA. I mean, in New York shit can get a bit political and you don’t see that out here in LA. I play out quite a bit here. The quality of living out in LA is a lot better than the East. My friends have houses out here, but in NY you live in a place with like 4 or 5 other people. Shit can get cut throat in the music scene, and can get grimey. You have to grind for it. But I’m moving back there soon.

What are you working on right now? Full length album, EP?

B: I’m not working on a full length at this time I’m trying to focus more on productions for other artists, more behind the scenes. I have a bunch of remixes and singles coming out. I have this EP that’s a ’90s vibe. I’m pretty excited for that. It will be my first original. The song is actually called Children of the Night featuring Kaleena Zanders, she has a really big voice. The B-Side is going to be minimal and harder version of the A-Sides. Right now, I’m just trying to do production with other people.

What’s going on with NGUZUNGUZU side project?

Oh you mean the project with Daniel. We have the songs. Truth be told we’ve both been super busy. We haven’t really been able to sit down and work as much as we intended to. We might have something come out this year but I don’t know. It’s timing more than anything. I probably shouldn’t be talking about it. I was, and am still excited.

Is there a story behind your tattoos? What’s that one on your right arm?

I’m only into tattoos when they make sense to me. I have around 11. They all mean something. That’s the solar system. It’s from this old library book called Outerspace For Children. When I first saw the book I was 12 or 13, and then found it again when I was 19.

Since you’re from Chicago what are your thoughts on Derrick Rose?

Oh man you have to end the conversation with the most depressing question ever. I mean the Bulls were supposed to win The Finals this year. It was written in the stars. I don’t even want to talk about it. Haha. I was talking to my brother-in-law, and the vibe of Chicago was so intense everyone was so bummed out.


Tracklist for Brenmar Fact Mix: 335
1. Beatking (Brenmar Intro)
2. Floyd Campbell – Multipass
3. DJ Ludy – PrOs Meus Niggas Da Tuga (2012)
4. Graphics – Klut
5. Ill Blu – Late Night
6. Brenmar – Children Of The Night feat. Kaleena Zanders
7. Brenmar & DJ Sliink – Bait
8. Girl Unit – Club Rez
9. G-Seven – T.I.T.S. (Two In The Shirt) feat. Dorrough Music
10. Chiefli – Invasion
11. Shy GUy – 8-Bit Cartiers
12. Tory Lanez – She Like It Ruff
13. Aka Frank – My Dick Ain’t Racist
14. Sinden & 5&5 – Coin Power
15. Nebulae – Nazareth (zAK-MATIC Remix)
16. Jim Jones – 60 Racks
17. EMP DASME – Had A Dream (Produced By Brenmar)
18. Rudeboi & Pretti Sly – Ocho Cinco Swag (Instrumental)
19. Murder Mark – Unh (Instrumental)
20. Bei Maejor – Lights Down Low
21. Lil Durk – I Get Paid
22. Ra Cailum – Al-Sham
23. DJ Rashad – Kush Aint Loud
24. Supreme Cuts – Val Venus (Brenmar Remix)
26. Rudeboy – El Passa Passa Del Marciano feat. El Ivis
27. Brenmar & Dubble Dutch – Ghost Note
28. Yomo – Descará 2 (La Revolucion) (Instrumental) feat. Wisin & Yandel
29. YG – Pop It
30. K-Hill On The Beat – I’m Hood (Instrumental)
31. Brenmar – Remedy Refix
32. Mia Dora – Hypnotise
33. Brenmar – GF/BF
34. Chin Chilla Meek – Fucked Up
35. Boy/friend – Leather Weather (Brenmar Remix)
36. Nina Sky – Comatose (Produced By Brenmar)

Brenmar Fact Magazine

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