Brendan Fowler’s New Camera

Check the threadcount of Brendan Fowler's "New Camera" Exhibit.

Earlier this week we attended the opening of Brendan Fowler’s “New Camera.” A showing of  prints in conjunction with Half Gallery and Untitled. What set this show apart is the means by which these photos have been printed. Through the use of commercial embroidery machines, Fowler created a “New Camera” or new photo developing process that provides a new way to experience an image.

Comprised entirely of thread, the images – in addition to already being quirky snapshots of everyday life – have a texture to them that tells an additional story of process and execution. This can only be experienced by heading to the space and checking out the pieces for yourself. Now up at Half Gallery’s new East 78th location, Brendan Fowler’s “New Camera” will be on display until April 1st of this year. Pieces can also be purchased by patrons at the gallery space.

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