BPM152 Tammany Hall video

New York’s BPM152 Party is Deeper Than Nightlife

Get a dose of NYC history in this formal invite to join us for the bi-weekly party series, in its second year this summer.

Next Saturday June 16th, hang out with Mass Appeal and BPM152 as the party series makes its return for another summer to remember. We hipped you to the players (DJs) involved in the bi-weekly event at Tammany Hall. Now we unveil the deeper thought behind its namesake. The video directed by Nathan Peracciny, with additional footage by Maya Fiks-Margolina was shot in the Lower East Side highlighting one of the direct inspirations, a manhole cover (pause). Over on Houston St., if you look down—which you probably already do, staring at your smartphone as you walk—take notice to B-P-M emblazoned on the street. Even though Tammany Hall is the outpost for the festivities, this sacred sewer cover is an unofficial monument for Jason Scott and the event’s creative director, Marina Heintze. NYC.gov, explains the significance of the BPM acronym saying,

“The acronyms on manhole covers usually identify the NYC agency or company (such as Con Edison) that is responsible for placing the manhole and operating the associated underground infrastructure. So for instance, the acronym DPW stands for the Department of Public Works, an agency that existed between 1870 and 1898. The DPW was responsible for in-City water distribution as well as the operation of water supply projects completed by the Aqueduct Commission (1883-1910) including the New Croton Aqueduct (in service in 1891 and completed in 1893). The acronym DWS stands for the Department of Water Supply which existed between 1898 and 1901 and replaced the DPW when the City was consolidated in 1898. The DPW and DWS manholes that we see within the City are associated with in-City water distribution. A less obvious acronym is associated with sewer manholes. Sewers were originally the responsibility of each Borough President. In Brooklyn manholes with the acronym BPB are sewer manholes that were constructed under the Borough President and in Manhattan BPM stands for Borough President Manhattan. These sewer manholes are some of the oldest and are frequently located adjacent to corner storm sewer drains. If you think about it, manhole covers provide a glimpse into our City’s history and the agencies that built our infrastructure.”

The story is still unfolding with BPM152 wearing the color red this month. Witness more history in the making next week. RSVP on Facebook here.

BPM152 Mass Appeal Tammany Hall Flyer

BPM152 Tammany Hall video

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