BPM152.0 Brings Out Special Guests for Summer Party

Every other Saturday this summer, this is what a party at Tammany Hall looks like. Say cheese.

Gold Fronts BPM152.0

Last Saturday was certainly jammin’ on the 1-5-2. Tammany’s intimate basement was converted into the kind of party you went to as a tween that made you run home afterward and chat on AIM about (You might have grinded for the first time! Maybe you learned what a boner was that night?). Homegirls, Julianne Escobedo Shepherd & Nikki Maynard danced the night away (as expected!) and Kim Matulova brought her tiny boombox—we have no idea what the thing was but OK GIRL YEA PaRTyTiMe! Le1f, Obey City, and Deemehlow were spotted bumpin on the dance floor too. New York babes Gogy, DJ Lawrence Lee & Jade<3 came through and dipped it KINDA LOW (shout out to Gogy's monochromatic mesh Moschino Tank whoa). Fat Tony, Tom Cruz & Tennille were instagrammed while participating in a dance circle cipher after killing it at their BK Hip-Hop Festival performance. While Mess Kid & Old Money were begrudgingly playing out of town, Marina Heintze aka DOMBER & Knifeshow opened the night with Die Antwoord, Kelis & dancehall faves. NiRE's tracks crystallized the dance fervor that lead to Anna Love's live ode to Clicks & Whistles’ instrumental anthems. The long awaited, Jim-E Stack bursted some major bubbles (FOR THE HATERS, DUH). Then finally, Total Freedom brought the party to its well earned climax with some perfectly timed Usher, Girl Unit & Aaliyah for the true party pros still keeping it really real on the dance floor, as everyone ALWAYS everywhere should! *Photos by Jason Scott, Jamel Mims, Vinh Luong & friends!

Dom_Ber Jade Jah Benny

BPM152.0 Photography

Tom Cruz Atlanta Supreeme

Fat Tony Tom Cruz Double Dragon

Judnick Maynard Jason Scott Henderson

Party Photo BPM152

BPM Tammany Hall NYC

Party photos Mass Appeal

Party photography Mass Appeal

Party photos Mass Appeal BPM

Nightlife Photography Mass Appeal

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